Monday, May 25, 2009

Been awhile....and I am back to blog! (150 lbs)

Yes..I have lost weight and it's been pretty permanent. I have been watching my sodium (kinda), eating in moderation and exercising everyday for 30 minutes. In fact..I don't really think about the whole diet thing....I am just keeping busy geocaching and having a good time. I hope to get to 135 in time I will be there.

Until then...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Wii fit or Jillian Michaels (161 lbs)

Last week I purchased the Jillian Michaels wii! She works me out! Today is the first day of my "Accountability Challenge" with my bible study. Basically..I am in charge of keeping track of everyone's daily goals. Whether it be diet, exercise, doing chores, reading....whatever they need help with.

Mine is keeping my sodium intake below 2300 mg a day.
Working out 30 minutes a day.
To not pass judgment.

I am going along nice and slow on this weightloss. I am not so impatient this time around..I want this to be the end of my chubby days.

Until then....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Motivated to keep going! (162.5 lbs)

Wow....I am going strong. I can't give up now. Just bought another wii workout I will try that out today. I also am into geocaching...which gets me out there and exercising.

Anywho....I will write more later.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Going strong! (163.5 lbs)

Never thought I would be happy to see 163 on the scale...but I guess I learned not to take things for granted. Especially last week when I evacuated from the OC fires. How scary that was.

Been on the wii fit 30 minutes a day. My piggy bank turned gold...40 hours accumulated. I love this device. It has made me WANT to exercise which isn't normal for me. ha ha. AND....I have noticed how great I keeps me from being grumpy. And if I am grumpy.....I know I didn't exercise I hope on the wii fit...and I feel 100% better. It's my "lexapro".

So..I will keep crack-a-lackin and keep you posted!


Monday, November 3, 2008

166.5 lbs (Changing my lifestyle)

Well....I have to say...I have all new respect for my health when I am sick. I have had the stomach flu since Thursday. Actually....I kinda felt bad since last Monday but it really hit me hard on Thursday. And I was out til today!

6am this morning..I woke up and I felt a relief that I finally felt 100%. Wow! It felt great to feel great! I am deciding right now and then..I need accountability.

The one thing I have an issue with is anxiety. I get really anxious over everything and it doesn't take much to set me off. So I decided to try lexapro. It's an SSRI for depression/anxiety. It worked great...but it really put on the pounds. I wasn't sure this was a side effect until I read other people complaining about the same thing.

I finally weaned myself off this drug, and I know my anxiety is gonna come back...but I did some research and I am going to take all measures to keep me afloat.

I know back when I did the low carb diet..I felt great. But I believe my esteem was raised from a few things.

1. Protein keeps your blood sugar levels stable.
2. I avoided sugar, so I felt healthy.
3. I also did 1 hour of yoga a day which kept me calm.
4. I was also 120 lbs, and so I felt good because I looked and felt better.

Back then..I didn't feel I needed any "medication" because all these 4 things worked.

So this morning..I had an epiphany. I am gonna change my lifestyle! Gee..what a concept.

The funny thing is....I used to really like the actress Rene Zellweger. Especially had respect that she could gain alot of weight for the Bridget Jones movie and lose it for the Chicago movie. Wow!

I have read her articles and she always mentions that exercise keeps her sane. I never really took this into account for anything and read on. But this I was reading an old magazine...I was flipping pages and saw a picture of her and on the bottom of the photo it said, once again, "exercise keeps me sane".

SO...maybe exercise does something for you! ha ha. I never really took exercise seriously because I never noticed the results. I did Yoga to keep me is a form of exercise. DUH! is my new lifestyle:
1. To eat less than 2300 mg of sodium a day.
2. To exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
3. To not talk bad about people--as that just creates it's own anxiety. It's like creating my own instant bad karma.

Will keep posting as I go along!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Getting there....(170 lbs)

Well...I think I did okay on sodium intake. It was that dang pizza at the end of the day..I only had one piece though....and I was watching my salt all I was right at my 2300 mgs. Today....I want to continue to do the same as I don't like being this big. I already gave away all my "real fat" clothes..and so I am limited to what I can wear right now. Yuck!

Anywho.....will keep you posted!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wii Fit--I need it! (172 lbs)

I know! I gained some weight and I haven't journaled in awhile. Well...I bought the wii fit 5 weeks ago and have been on it for 30 minutes daily ever since. I also noticed that I eat way too much I am on a kick to lower my sodium as well.

I am starting today to be strict. No more than 2300 mg of sodium a day for me...that is a promise. I will keep you updated on my progress! I am tired of being a chubster!

Talk soon!